You Win Some, You Lose Some...

I totally have an excuse for skipping my blog post!  Erm... late night meeting!  Crunched some numbers!  Did some research in the ... "field?"  Definitely work related.  Heh.

Fine, I give up!  We played hooky- and scored some primo seats at the Mariner's game!

Honorary members of the Terrace Club, yay! Adam almost caught a foul ball.

We ordered Mac & Jack's and snacks right from our cushioned seats!  This is the life!

We enjoyed watching #24 hit #2,700!

And we totally didn't have any fun at all.

Our team might have lost- but we came out winners. (Especially when we got to take a covered sky bridge to our reserved garage parking spot, whilst the peasants other fans trudged through the rain on the street.  *smirk*)

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