A Marvel in Marble

A little worse for wear.

This $30 table has got a lot of character and charm, but here's the thing- it's only as good as its top.  A cracked or warped surface is useless for writing, frustrating for eating, and terribly impractical for food preparation (the germs!).

So, I'd replace the top with something as good as it gets... polished granite slab.  

Oooh, that gives me chills.

Stone countertop slabs show up all the time on Craig's List, and the prices are amazing.  The piece pictured above is being sold for only $100.  Though this particular slab is too big for the table, you could easily have it cut to size.  I just think the honed white stone would be brilliant with the antiqued wood...

See what I mean?

The stone top would make this table a wonderful addition to an apartment chef's kitchen.  When counter space is minimal, a small island prep station is just the thing.  Here's how I'd outfit it for a miniature version of my dream kitchen:

patinated pull would make a nice ornament on the drawer, and a long bar pull on one side would be a handy place to stash dishtowels.

Can you believe I found these baskets at Fred Meyer for under $15 a piece?  Quite the catch, and quite the catch-all.  
I'd line up a few on the lower shelf to store potatoes and what-not (preferably sans feline).

Of course, I can't let any surface go undecorated, so I might add one of my favorite things...

Adam's antique milk truck, or an old aluminum pitcher from my collection.

And I definitely wouldn't toss that gorgeous old tabletop- it's got such an excellent raw texture.  I'd mount it on the wall and use decorative nails to display an assortment of cookie cutters.  

Very sweet!

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