Dare to Dream: Bathing Beauty

I love most things about my apartment, but I feel like my bathroom and kitchen have got a bet going about which can mortify me the most.  

Bathroom: You can see flecks of sky blue through my recent coat of "wilted vegetable" green paint!  My particle board medicine cabinet is disintegrating!

Kitchen:  My countertops are forest green laminate!  And my sink has stopped draining!  Again!  Ha!

Oooh.  Touche, Kitchen.

It's tough to call a winner, but right now the bathroom has got my full attention.  A routine cleaning last weekend has somehow morphed into stripping the entire bathroom bare of decor and starting afresh.  

Here's what I'm working with:

That's it, wonky peach tiles, low ceiling, globby yellow-green paint, tilted vanity et all!

In my hands it could become a peaceful refuge... with pearly gray paint, a vessel sink on an antique wood side table, low white subway tile wainscoting, brass fixtures and a little pendant light over the vanity.  But true bathroom improvements do not come cheaply- and nobody likes to invest in a rental unit (especially not a landlord).  
So, I'm left with an oddball bathroom, a fair amount of frustration, and a notebook full of inspiration photos...

This antique brass faucet is the one that got away on Craig's List... *sigh*

The Kohler "Pallene" Spun Glass vessel sink is utterly mesmerizing, like a church window carved out of ice.

Kohler describes the "Finial Avian" faucet as "exotic and whimsical."  I agree!

This Georgian master bath was recent feature on Apartment Therapy.  I love how the metallics elegantly fuse the modern with the traditional.  I have a few quibbles with the decor (a bit sparse, and where's the mirror?), but oh, for a soak in that spectacular tub!

The ultimate bathroom, found in the home of Jenna Lyons, J. Crew creative director (image from the late great Domino).  Jenna, your home is so beautiful it hurts.  You are clearly my long-lost, very rich sister.  I will move in tomorrow.  

See the dilemma?  How do I bring in the essence of these images (dark, luxurious & natural)... without using a jackhammer or a paintbrush?

2 Have Spoken.:

baba yaga said...

love that bathroom too.
thanks for posting your blog link on AT.
I can't wait to explore your blog!
looks very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! I live in SF. So, I have a pink-tiled bathroom and I found some fun inspiration from savethepinkbathrooms.com. I embraced the pink, added bright yellow towels and a colorful shower curtain...now I am happy with my retro and happy bathroom! I fun old 50's print might go nice too. If you're not into the retro thing, that website also has other good ideas.