This Weekend's Take

It's been an exciting weekend!  On Sunday we were treated to an Alki Beach outing and handmade gourmet burger dips courtesy of friends (and fellow foodies) Scott and Megan.  And Saturday... we Craig's Listed.  Oh, how we Craig's Listed.  

First, a set of five large apothecary jars that will showcase Adam's huge collection of shells and curiosities.  This week I'll be reworking my bathroom around a nature theme, like so:

Remember those lovely green bath sponges?

I'll also be experimenting with mirrored finish spray paint to mimic the look of mercury glass.  I'm cautiously optimistic.  Full product review coming at you later this week!

The goods, the goal.

And now, for my grande finale... (drumroll please)

Tada!  It's the glorious Breville 800ESXL, the $400+ espresso machine of my steamy, over-caffeinated daydreams.  

Oh, my cup runneth over.

I'm jittery just knowing this handsome thing is sitting in my kitchen, ever ready for a frothy breve latte.  Can anyone guess what I paid for this marvelous machine?  Give it your best shot.  Certainly not $400!  

$300?  $200??  $100???


Friends, you're in the presence of a Craig's List Master.  Drinks are on me!

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