Painless Project!

Okay!  Y'all ready for a quick project on your long weekend?

The hardest part of this DIY is the window washing!  The $10 old window that I picked appears to be coated in antique grime, and that certainly won't do.  It also has one broken pane, which will need to be carefully removed so that no sharp edges remain.

When you can actually see through it again, let the fun begin!

Option #1...

A Picture Window

Because the panes of this window are roughly 9" x 6", it's just right for framing photos.  Easy, interchangeable, and vastly more attractive than most "grouped" frames you see in stores.  I'd set it atop a modern Ribba picture ledge from Ikea to keep the presentation streamlined.

Option #2...

Mirror Mirror

When I first saw this window, the first concept that sprang to mind was a calendar.  How about 5 days of to-dos? To add some sparkle, I'd suggest painting the back of the panes with mirrored finish spray paint (read my review of this product tomorrow!).  The window won't function as a real mirror, but the reflective surface would be lovely behind your notes-to-self written in dry-erase marker.  (Design*Sponge recently featured a similar idea.)
Hang it from a doorknob hook with a metal chain, and stash your markers in an ornate wall-mount cup.

Option #3...

Old-Fashioned Charm

The third and final option works on the same principal- but uses chalkboard paint.  I think this brings out the best in the rustic, flaking paint.  Sort of a schoolhouse feel, eh?

Choose a "handy" hook to hold on to your chalk- and maybe your keys as well!

This last idea reminds me of my very own vintage window...

A chalkboard for lists galore in my closet craft nook.

I used stained glass paint to add some color.  I don't recommend this product, by the way- thank goodness it's completely removable. 

Has anyone else used an old window as decor?

2 Have Spoken.:

Ann said...

I am a wee bit obsessed with the idea of chalkboard paint-ing something... and doing it to a paned window would be adorable!

MissKarenAshley said...

I kind of like the first option with the photos in it. I think that would look nice.