In Limbo

Moving has just gotten as real as can be: on Monday we watched all of our earthly possessions rumble away on a truck. I anticipate being tense and worried until I'm reunited with my things on the 21st.

Okay. Nothing. Move.

For now we're squatting in our empty apartment, subsisting on take-out food, two suitcases, a twin-sized bed, and a 10" television manufactured in 1988. I take it back: this is as surreal as can be!

This apartment and this beautiful neighborhood will always be a fond memory for me- our little urban Eden where we were so happy. Our prelapsarian flat:

Our ever-changing decor, and our beloved curiosities.

The newest addition to our dining room, an Ikea Granemo cabinet.
The glass sliding doors are an excellent preventative measure against our feline saboteur.
Foiled again, eh Matilda?

Our living room, featuring a petite sofa from Former Furniture.

Our bathroom, staged for relaxation.

The best seat in the house: our sunporch, overlooking a lovely park.

In Memoriam, Our Wallingford Apartment

3 Have Spoken.:

Anonymous said...

Gosh, the sunporch was amazing...

...but what I love the most is your cat :))

Ann said...

You have the most incredible eye for decorating. You really do.

And I love the crocodile/alligator(?) head in the curio cabinet!!!

ShockTheBourgeois said...

Awww, thanks :)

The alligator head was a gift from Adam- brought back from his trip to Florida. That boy sure knows me, huh?