Our BIG Announcement

I'm sure by now that you've noticed that Shock the Bourgeois has been a little... sparse lately. We promise, it's not because we don't love you. Let me esplain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up:

In real life, Cook Adam is a biochemist, and his employers very recently informed him that they would be moving to the Bay Area. Remember how Adam and I went to San Francisco "on business?"

Well, Adam is moving to Berkeley in October.

If that news hit you like a ton of bricks, try to imagine how we feel!

We're still in a fog about this whole thing, and we've got a lot to do in just over a month.
  • We need to locate an apartment in Berkeley (we're thinking Gourmet Ghetto area?) that is large enough for Adam, Matilda, and most of my earthly belongings, but cheap enough that it doesn't swallow our income. (This is proving to be tricky, as apparently living rooms with no doors rent for $600 per month.)
  • We need to pack and figure out how to get our things from here to there!
  • We need to stage a major yard sale to sell things I thought I'd never have to part with.
  • We need to get me moved in with my parents.
  • We need to sedate me so I don't freak the hell out.
Okay, mostly kidding about that last one. Mostly. It's hard to feel positive about staying behind when my favorite things in life are moving to California- especially because we have no idea what the future holds. Will I get to join my little family in 2010? We don't know. All we know is that we've chosen, and now we have to make the best of it.

What does this mean for Shock the Bourgeois?
  • Posting for the next month could be infrequent. After that I'll be back to daily posts, because... I've gotta pass my lonely hours somehow!
  • For the meantime I'm shifting away from Craig's List. Nothing against you, Craig, but it's a bit depressing to search for home furnishings when you no longer have a home to furnish. Of course, I will using CL to get rid of my lovely things...
  • We'll be documenting our adventure as much as possible, and showing you our inspirations from two beautiful cities!
So, any San Franciscans out there? We could sure use your advice...

3 Have Spoken.:

Ann said...


That is SO exciting! Berkeley and San Francisco are fantastic. So beautiful, so varied. I wish you all joy, and sanity, in moving!

I need to make a trip over to Seattle just for your yardsale. You have such beautiful things -- I'm sooooo sorry you have to part with them! But I would give them a good home!

katy elliott said...

Craziness. It will be great. So excited for your new adventures. Think of all the awesome food you'll get to eat on trips to San Fran!

Jess said...

Big news!!! Good luck with everything - it sounds like an exciting future awaits. :)