Giving Credit Where it's Due

I love the blogosphere- it's a constant stream of inspiration. I can't even count how many times another blog has shone a light on a fantastic source or opened my eyes to a new idea. Bloggers, thankyou-thankyou-thankyou. I can only hope I'm able to return the favor on occasion!

Inspiration and admiration are nothing new, but here's a first for me: for the first time, I actually bought an item that another blogger featured!

Making it Lovely is one of my favorite reads. Not only do I get my fix of rosy-colored decor (that would definitely not fly in a house shared with Adam), I also get my adorable baby fix (thanks to Nicole's little Eleanor!). Nicole recently featured West Elm's Nailhead Linen Window Panels:

Shown in Flax

I read her post, made an excited utterance, and put my money down.

Our new apartment was in desperate need of window treatments! The windows themselves are horribly prison-like. Small rectangular cut-outs with no trim. Eek. We're also in need of a little more privacy, as we're on the first floor in a bustling neighborhood (and Adam has discovered that some of our neighbors enjoy planting themselves directly outside of our living room window to smoke and yammer on the phone).

I'll be using four of these panels in our living room- two for the windows, and two flanking the open closet that I've converted into an office nook (basically, they'll be concealing my cluttery desk and trying to shield us from our neighbor's messy social life [oh, no-she-di'n't!]).

Paired with these, I think they should be smashing.

Thanks so much for the tip, Nicole! SO excited to see how they look in your living room (and mine, once I move in February!).

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Making it Lovely said...

Yay, I hope you love them!