The Prodigal Blogger Returns

Many apologies to my concerned readers- we didn't quite drop off the face of the earth, and we didn't melt (though it was a close call)!

Very close, in fact. On the day that Seattle hit an unprecedented 104ยบ, Adam and I returned to our upstairs oven to find that my candles had been reduced to pools of molten wax, my plants had crumbled to dust, my cosmetics had curdled (this is perhaps not scientifically accurate, but there's no other word to describe the grossness), and food that I had thought of as non-perishable had, well, perished. Our survival instincts kicked in. We grabbed our necessities and our listless little cat, jumped in our air-conditioned car (this is when the little cat perked up), and made our escape.

For the next week, we literally chilled at my parents' lovely home in Edmonds. We couldn't take an official vacation, but (much to your dismay, clearly) we did take a vacation for our blogging obligations! We know you missed us, but we took lots of pictures and collected some souvenirs! We wished you were there!

I showed you a few shots of my parents' home before- it's gorgeous and so meticulously kept.
Staying there is like a complimentary stay in a 5-Star B & B. My Mom thinks of everything!

We took in the sights of Edmonds on a bright blue day.

The Edmonds Market features many of the same vendors we see in Wallingford...

And also serves as a weekly arts fair for local craftspeople.
I loved this creative display of redesigned vintage costume jewelry by Krissy Maier of Orange Box Jewelry...
and I loved some of the pieces just as much!

I was sorely tempted at one of my favorite decor stores, House Wares.
House Wares is always a source of inspiration- the owner, Robert has a gift!
That side table has taunted me from the pages of magazines for ages now... but where to put it?

Most of all, Adam and I enjoyed some down time with my family (and Matilda enjoyed some romps with her best doxie friends). And now, neglected friends, we have some catching up to do. I have some BIRTHDAY goodies and Craig's List finds to show off, and Adam's going to share our favorite summer treat...

Can you guess what we're making?

We'll start with that watermelon tomorrow, and we'll dish out the rest this week!

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Becca said...

Welcome back! I am, as always, jealous of your proximity to outstanding farmers markets. Enjoy that gorgeous watermelon!