Instead of Airing Dirty Laundry

As mentioned in the comments on this post, our new Berkeley apartment does not come equipped with a washer and dryer. We were given the option of purchasing machines and having them installed in the kitchen/dining room, but I stuck up my nose and took the aesthetic high road.

Turns out that road is pretty long, because the nearest coin-op facility is a nine-block hike.


Well, if I'm going to be trudging across town carrying 20 pounds of dirty clothes, I am going to do it with as much style as the situation allows. Actually, if I got one of these, I'd be looking pretty damn cute.

The White Devil Bag from India Rose- "Neapolitan" is my pick!
(Ann, thank you ever-so-much for this source.)

Please? I promise if I get one I will never be tempted by the full-service laundromat down the street that delivers and only costs a small fortune per load...

1 Have Spoken.:

Jane Flanagan said...

Oh no! And I complain because I don't have laundry in-suite and have to share with other people who live in my building!
You definitely deserve a fancy-pants laundry bag for taking on that mission!