A Little More Bunny Love

While I've been online shopping for basics for the new place, I've found it hard to keep my focus. I go to Anthropologie for a shower curtain, and the next thing I know I'm dreamily clicking through sumptuous sheet sets and furniture that wouldn't even fit in the door. I'm also loving that the animal decor trend is continuing- you know I go ga-ga over this stuff! However, since we're making a move to a rather expensive locale, my budget has constricted (and so has the size of my apartment).

No matter how cute they are, I am not allowed to buy these rabbity things.

Not even if they remind me of Christmas as a kid...

Not even the cheeky little guys would be so perfect peeking out among my children's book collection- just right for a nursery someday.
Painted Cast Iron Bunny Bookends at Venucci

And not even if I've wanted them for a reallllly lonnnnng tiiiiime, and they're finally back in stock.
White Bunnies, also from Venucci.

I will resist. I will resist. I will resist...

2 Have Spoken.:

Izabella said...

I saw the west elm bunny at the store. It's really cute. Too bad that the base is made out of plastic ( wood would have given it more character).

Elizabeth said...

Izabella: I'm in complete agreement. I haven't been able to see the snowglobe in person, and I had a feeling it might look a little on the cheap side.

I'm still wisting for one though- it's so rare to find a snowglobe that isn't completely tacky, I think I could overlook the plastic!