Hi Friends,

Hope you're all eating up Adam's Thanksgiving Solo-Show (it's lunchtime, I'm staring at those potatoes, my stomach is rumbling, and my left-over pizza is not looking as good).

While Adam was slaving away at the hot stove (my angel in the kitchen), I was off partay-partaying... meeting local bloggers at Blog-Meet-Blog!

I will admit, I got the nervous jitters walking in the door- but it certainly didn't last long. It was such an amazing treat to interact with so many creative minds, to share ideas without pressing "post," and to GET to know all of the people that I PRETEND to know online!

Also a great opportunity to talk about some changes for StB in 2010...

I was so busy gabbing that I forgot to do my bloggerly duty and take pictures (oops). If you'd like to see the beautiful people that made it to BoConcept for Blog-Meet-Blog, peruse the album here (I'm the girl in the chartreuse conversation piece), check out pictures by Anna Marie at Last Days of Light, or watch this video from visualnoisetype!

For a truly lovely write-up about the event, flit on over to The Jaunty Magpie (and you better just read her whole blog while you're there, it's enchanting!)

Thanks so much to all the sponsors, and to Kam of needle + thread and Rebecca of The Clothes Horse for hosting!

Here's a little love for some of the Seattle bloggers that I met...

Cassandra of Coco + Kelley (enviably fabulous and totally engaging, this girl)
Zaara of KittenChops (an artist whose merchandise illustrations I have been ogling forever)
Courtney of CopyStrands (a fellow word nerd & Zag fan!)
Carrie of Girl and Coconut (who's going to be an incredible Bay Area guide)
Maggie of Magchunk (so fun to meet her, finally!)
Laura Marchbanks (talented photographer and quite possibly the sweetest girl in the room)

Can't wait to see you all again- soon!

5 Have Spoken.:

denise, the prime magpie said...

You're a doll -- no one's ever called the blog "enchanting." This Bird blushes! And even more sorry we missed meeting in-person. As the great Homer would say: DOH!

CopyStrands said...

Hugs, it was great meeting you too :)

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

I'm really glad you came out, even if I didn't manage to really socialize enough! Your coat was definitely a stunner and a standout that night. :)

cassandra @ coco+kelley said...

all i'm gonna say is... GO ZAGS! was awesome meeting you. we MUST do it again soon!!!! and your comment about me is too too kind ;)

Magchunk said...

Finally getting caught up on my blog reading and saw this post! I hadn't seen the pictures, so thanks for linking :) It was great to meet you too. See you again soon I hope!