Future Shack 2009

How is it that a long weekend makes the following week seem even lonnnnnnngerrrr?

I'm definitely ready for my weekend. I'll be:
You might recall my post this summer about the house on my street that I have a little crush on.

I admire it each time I walk by. It's modern without feeling sharp, it's compelling without being jarring. It's a home, not an experiment. Remember that I wished for more information on the project?

Well, happy birthday, myself: turns out that this house is amongst the projects submitted for Future Shack, and we can all take a little peek inside!

Image by Frank Jenkins

What is Future Shack? This is a competition started this year by the AIA and the Seattle Times to celebrate architectural projects that approach urban living from a progressive angle. The projects have been reviewed by two separate juries- one made up of community members, the other of design professionals. Selected projects will be featured in Pacific Northwest Magazine.

You know that I'm a girl who loves all things vintage and quirky- but I'm intrigued by the approach that Future Shack is taking with modern architecture. One of the criteria for submissions was "Past Forward: designs that incorporate the historic fabric into a forward-looking housing solution." Whoah. They had me at "historic."

Sunday's event will be a discussion between the juries and the audience about the merit of these projects and their impact on our city. Can modern innovation work around the constraints of city living without being sterile?

If you're a Seattle resident who plans on twiddling their thumbs this Sunday evening, I suggest you head on over to Future Shack! For more information, and to purchase tickets, visit the AIA website.

If you see me there, say hi! I'm hoping for a lively debate!

2 Have Spoken.:

Nicolette said...

The layout is great, but for some reason, it feels incomplete.


ShockTheBourgeois said...

I'm in complete agreement- I was (at first) excited to see the interior views of this project, but they ended up being a let-down to me. I found the design to be a strange use of the space. The ceilings are high and there's a lot of light, but the walls are unattractive and bare. I also thought the decor was... well, not to my taste. Amongst the shots on the Future Shack website that I didn't feature here was a view of the living area. VERY 90's.

Despite my disappointment in the interiors, I still find the project very inspiring. It features a very creative use of a difficult lot and a smallish budget. I really encourage you to read more about it on the Future Shack page to see what the architects overcame.