Busy Weekend!

We Seattleites enjoyed an unexpectedly fantastic weekend- two days of sunshine and a win by our Huskies (!!!!). What more could we ask for?

On Saturday we held an impromptu dinner at our house with our favorite foodie friends. We took on a couple bottles of wine and completely decimated our food budget... good times! Adam prepared stuffed salmon, and he's preparing to post it this Friday!

Due to a sort of unpleasant dog-sitting episode (I'll just say that the event necessitated a bath for both the dogs and myself), I didn't make it out to the Greenwood garage sales.

Soooo, I got my scavenging fix at Sunday's Fremont Flea Market. It seems to be hitting a high point in these last days of summer- the streets are packed with shoppers and literally overflowing with finds. I ogled a hundred pairs of vintage cowboy boots (Adam wrinkled his nose and said, "would you actually put your feet in those?"), a bumblebee placard, a sumptuously soft fur stole (sorry animals...), and so many other lovely bits and pieces:

I always enjoy this vendor's booth- selling all the necessary parts for industrial-chic.
The no-nonsense displays are perfect: raw and appealing.

These caught my eye- cool for soap dishes or lipglosses?

I'd never be able to pick out just one letter- I want the whole tray!

Wouldn't this make a sweet bar set-up? Or a tub-side toiletries display?

I walked out empty-handed, but that's only because I came in with an empty wallet! Trust me, I'll be back next week...

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