Cataloguing My Most Wanted

Between several moves in the last few years and neighbors who "sort" my mail, I never seem to get many catalogues in the post. This is too bad, because there are few things in life that make me happier than diving into a stack of glossy catalogues. With my favorites, like Anthropologie, it's fun to imagine what I'd pick if I were allowed to choose one item from each page. With unsolicited kitsch catalogues, its even more fun to try to find one item on each page that I wouldn't want to throw on a bonfire.

To get my catalogue fix, I visit my Mom, who is always willing to share her veritable bounty of catalogues with me. She gets the good stuff, like Boden and Sundance and Garnet Hill. Here's what I'm oohing and ahhing over at the moment.

I've got Fall Fashion on the brain, and I'm feeling uninspired by my pile of drab black turtlenecks (speaking of throwing things on the bon fire... sheesh). I'm in the market for embellished layering pieces with 3/4 length sleeves that can take me through several seasons. I'm keeping an eye on these sweet cardigans from Boden:

The Cheeky Cable Cardigan in green.
"Cheeky" is the perfect descriptor. I'd pair this with a denim skirt and chunky boots. And a chai latte...

The Rosebud Cardigan in grey.
Yeah, the pink is cute, but the grey is so romantic!

Okay, this next one doesn't really count, since I'm already oohing and ahhing at it on my vanity desk. I couldn't help myself, I'd been waiting for the Sundance Catalogue's Jewelry Arbor to go back in stock forever!

It's a great design that keeps everything tangle-free.
In combination with my branch mirror, it's giving my vanity a fairy tale vibe.

This last item on the wish list is giving me fits. I had JUST decided on a neutral color scheme for my bedroom when I found this picture:

I could rave forever about this image, but let's focus on what money could buy me.

The Garnet Hill Barcelona Quilt & Sham.
Those are my accent colors! And the pattern is such a good match for my headboard panel...

Anyway, I couldn't possibly consider spending $250 on a quilt. It's ridiculous! It's probably not feasible. It would take a lot of saving. I might do it.

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ysha said...

When I lived with my dad, he'd "help" me save money by tossing all my catalogs! Oh the lovely things I missed out on!

ShockTheBourgeois said...

ysha: I feel your pain! I've signed up for every catalogue under the sun, but they never seem to arrive. I get bombarded with spammy "sale" emails, but it's just not the same!

Ann said...

I made a blog, too! Combo wedding-planning/house-arranging stuff. Could I be your follower?

Here's mine: http://ecstasyoffumbling.blogspot.com/