Coming & Going

Hey all! Adam and I are back in Seattle after a whirlwind visit to the Bay Area. In under 48 hours we managed to get miserably lost several times, walk ourselves to exhaustion, and fill up my camera with blurry photos taken out the window of our rental car. We are still recovering. So, not exactly what I'd call a "vacation," but then again, we were sort of there on business. In fact, we have some big news...

But you'll have to wait until Tuesday! Bahaha!

In the meantime, we're jumping back into the fray. Literally. We're going to Bumbershoot!

Adam and I will be hanging out with my little brother, Drew, and enjoying two fairly epic days of music (The Long Winters! Yayyyy!). Drew has failed us this year by turning 21 one week too late to enter the Bumbershoot beer gardens, but we'll forgive him. After all, he proved to be pretty good company last year...

On the first day we endured quite the pummeling to get a good view of Band of Horses and Beck.
(And on the second day we rested.)

Adam and Drew were shady characters.
(Extra credit if you can find me in this picture.)

Seriously. Shady characters.
(I believe I took this photo while listening to The Offspring, which could explain their faces.)

On the third day we waited and waited and waited...

Our favorite image from the event. Not Drew's best angle though.

So, this year we're hoping for an encore of a great time- and we're really hoping we won't have to USE our bumbershoots (though the weather report isn't looking so hot).

Hope all of you enjoy a fun Labor Day weekend- give us a shout if you're at Bumbershoot!

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