Flights of Fancy

We sure have been jet-setters lately, Adam and I. Last week I made the short hop across to Idaho, the previous week sent Adam allllll the way over to Florida, and next week we're headed to San Francisco!

With all of this flying about comes the obligatory hour-long pre-boarding boredom. We're getting to know Sea-Tac pretty darn well.

Luckily, our airport has actually got a lot to offer. Beyond the traditionally overpriced salty snacks and magazines, Sea-Tac has restaurants (to serve you that much needed pre-flight frothy beer) and fairly upscale shops. My Mom and I did some browsing at Fireworks, one of our favorite places for creative gadgets and local art and jewelry. As always, there was temptation lurking around every corner- I think we were lucky that our carry-on bags were already pretty full.

Here's just a few of the things I spotted...

These flutter-bys are made of painted feathers.
The looked great in this large cluster, and I imagine that one strand of white & silver butterflies would be charming on my sun porch.

This "Bottle Bunny" is so cheeky!
I'd love to have him around to open my grape sodas.

My Mom spotted this great storage idea.
You know how stuffed animals always seem to end up in monstrous furry piles in kids' rooms?
Why not keep them "hanging around?"

My favorite baby gift will always be Robeez shoes. And now, my favorite pair will be these knighted foxes. There's something about them that makes me giggle a full octave higher than usual. Eeee!
I'm a little bummed I have no small-footed person to buy them for!

I saw this mirror in a design mag and thought, "it can't possibly be that cute in person." It is.
I wist for it.

Artist Susan Goodwin states that her Pools of Light collection was inspired by Edwardian & Victorian era jewelry trends. Enough said.
I loved these...

And this...

And I'll be pointing this one out to Adam while we're in the airport on Tuesday.
Just in case he's interested.

2 Have Spoken.:

nicolette said...

The butterfly display is my favorite. A similar decor I like is the thousand paper cranes from Japan.


Ann said...

My lovely STB... I have a query for you:

We are attempting to furnish the computer nook in our house and I am in need of a moderny, sleek desk. Thoughts? You always seem to find the sexiest furniture and post it on here!

For reference, here are 3 that are possibilities:

Go-Cart (CB2): http://www.cb2.com/family.aspx?c=302&f=5320

Trig (CB2): http://www.cb2.com/family.aspx?c=302&f=1079

2Morrow (EQ3): http://eq3.com/cat-eq3/process/locale/en_US/currency/en_US/page/3040-517-4.html

If I had the cash, I would buy this, hands down: http://www.crateandbarrel.com/family.aspx?c=1070&f=29099... ...

If you're bored and find some pretty things, do tell?