Taking a Little Packing Break

Things are a bit topsy-turvy at our place now, lots of boxes, not much decor.

Matilda is packed for Berkeley.

I can't deck the place out for Fall as I usually would (no branches, leaf garlands, cabbages, pumpkins, gourds, or spooks, alas!), but we're doing our best to enjoy the season.

I'm making apple pies!
Don't rub it in about the store-bought crust. I got lazy.

Adam's making soup!
Nothing better than corn chowder when there's a chill in the air.

And the Huskies are making up for a couple bad years!!!!
See if you can count the high-fives happening in this picture.

So, StB is gonna get sporadic starting.............. now. Apartment searching in Berkeley, packing up the POD, moving in with the parentals... we'll keep you posted!

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