Dare to Dream: Tallmadge Doyle Prints

In my most fantastical imaginings, my future self dines at Chez Panisse every Tuesday, holds the red pen for some fantastic design publication, and decorates the walls of her Tudor cottage with the rewards of art patronage. Just in case this dream should come true, I am compiling a wish list for my collection.

Dotting that list are works by Oregonian printmaker Tallmadge Doyle.

"Aspects of Creation III"

"Aspects of Creation VII"

My parents have several prints from the Origins of Medicine series (inspiring my eternal envy). I sometimes find myself completely hypnotized by these pieces- simultaneously contemplating the cosmos, recalling last night's fiery sunset, and hunting for meaning in the layers of signs and symbols. I half expect to find some long lost secret to alchemy embedded in those mysterious scribblings!

"Kepler's Cosmic Geometry"

Doyle's art is where Adam's rational preponderances and my whimsical wonderings meet. Wouldn't these be perfect for two lovers of curiosities? I'm particularly drawn to her recent Celestial Menagerie series (the name alone makes me giddy). Subtle faded neutrals, delicate tracings of constellations, graceful creatures amongst the stars... 

"Apis the Bee"

"Stellar Feline"

I start the week off grounded in the present, and by Tuesday I'm already floating into the realm of "someday, maybe." Heh, ever the dreamer.

2 Have Spoken.:

denise, the prime magpie said...

Kepler's Cosmic Geometry makes me think of Paul Klee's work. I'm sure it's all the lines and what-not, but that's what popped into my head. I love the giant bee. I'm not a fan of real insects, but as art subjects, they are divine.

Elizabeth said...


I see what you're saying! The combination of the thin lines and the bright colors that bleed into each other, along with the obvious geometry- I can definitely see it.