A Medieval Thread

My wish list has grown a little longer, thanks to recent comment from Inside Lost City

The Lost City Aquila pillow, embroidered with gold wire and resting upon an Elizabeth tombstone. Yow.

Lost City's stunning textiles appeal to me on many levels. Firstly, as someone who has read Middle English literature while humming along to Radiohead. Secondly, as a girl who would still be accessorizing with her gold eyebrow ring, were it not strictly forbidden by her bosses. Lastly, as a gal with champagne taste, for whom it comes naturally to obsess over pillows costing a whole week's wages.

 Colum, Griffin, & Canis pillows, from the Lost City Medieval Line.

A menagerie of mythical beasts artfully worked into a graphic pattern... on a pillow. That's what I call indulgence. My couch dares to dream.