Dare to Dream: BookBook

After a long and INTERNET-FREE weekend in Berkeley, I am lightyears (3 days) behind on my blog-reader. I see this was featured on several other blogs already (you're all like, "whoah StB, this is so yesterday"), but I couldn't help myself.

"What are you reading?"

"My email."

Introducing (fine, re-introducing) the BookBook by Twelve South.

The ultimate gift for the book nerd and Mac-lover (by gift I mean "gift-to-self," and by self I mean "me"). My beloved MacBook Pro would look so sexy in this binding. Now I just need to find a bag to match. Any suggestions?

6 Have Spoken.:

MISS B said...

Totally and utterly AWESOME find (and new to me) Maybe I have been under a blog rock?

Elizabeth said...

Miss B... Blog rock. Hee hee. Anyway- I'm dying to have one of these for when I move and need to tote my laptop around.

Apt. #34 said...

Isn't fun - I so want one!

CopyStrands said...

Love it! How cool :)

chrisbean said...

for a coordinating bag, I suggest http://www.rebound-designs.com/catalog/

(I keep not being able to decide if I should get one from her, or attempt to DIY my own!)

Elizabeth said...

Chrisbean... Fantastic suggestion, thank you! I like how cheeky the designs at Rebound are, but a DIY could be very personal. Wouldn't it be fun to scour flea markets for the perfect volume?