Timeless Romance

Perhaps it's Valentine's Day approaching. Or I might be missing my fellah. Then again, maybe I'm just regretting my promise to said fellah to focus on more masculine decor in our home (oops)...

But oh, the frills and fuss in these images by Elizabeth Maxson just do me in.


Wonderful to the smallest detail. The knit trim reminds me of the shower curtain I've been hankering for.

Reminds me of the red doctor's cabinet that I found- but I adore this one in its chippy white finish.

Her styling is both luxurious and timeworn, like the pages of the classic novel you've read a thousand times: familiar yet treasured, fragile yet still utterly exhilarating. It's faded and romantic in the best way possible (as in, not in a Miss-Havisham's-moldy-wedding-cake kind of way).

I've been meandering through Elizabeth's blog, and I'm so impressed by how true she is to her aesthetic. Her staged shoots and her lovely boutique could be extensions of her own home. Her heirloom vignettes are a perfect backdrop for her vibrant personality- she's an inspiration to anyone trying to make their way in the world of design. Thanks for letting me share, Elizabeth!

7 Have Spoken.:

denise, the prime magpie said...

Just beautiful! I'm in love with the clocks. Whether they're in working order or not, having them all arranged together creates a truly captured moment in time!

Jane Flanagan said...

I LOVE that glass cabinet!

Agnes and Co. - All Things Home said...

I'm digging the cabinet too. Thanks for sharing.


Inside Lost City said...

Absolutely love your blog and the eclectic pieces you feature! I think you might love Lost City's pillows, chairs and scarves!

Take a look :)

Anne @ The City Sage said...

Oh my goodness! She is like the queen of romantic and timeworn! I love the blog post where she takes us step by step through the creation of that amazing clock mantle. great find!

Once Upon A Parent said...

I love the romantic feel of this. The cabinet is wonderful! I love how it is filled with pieces, not too many, that are just as simple. The color and moldings of the room remind me of first house...I have been missing it lately.

Elizabeth Maxson said...

I am a little late to the party, but I just found this post in blogland and I am truly flattered by your words. You make me sound so richly romantic, which I love - especially since I am sitting in my plaid flannel pj's and eating cookies from the box as I read your gorgeous blog. :-) But yes, that really is my cabinet and yes, I really do use those dishes (I have a tiny kitchen and no cabinet space). Thanks for sharing me! I love that you are so generous.

I love that! :-)

Big hug