Dwelling in the Here and Now

I reminisce quite a lot about where I once lived, and daydream even more about where I'll be living "someday soon." Perhaps you're all wondering where I live now? Until I can join Adam (and my belongings) in Berkeley, I've re-inhabited my teenage bedroom at my parents' house. Here are a few snaps to satisfy or pique your curiosity...

On the board, far-fetched imaginings for a far-away apartment.

The fodder of many Dare to Dream posts in the future.

Where I blog from.

At least, where I sit whilst blogging.

This relic from my years of orthodonture serves as a paperweight for catalogues I've yet to sink my teeth into.

It's also an amusing place to stash business cards.

Though, it occurs to me now that the businesspersons on those cards might not be as amused as I am.

I've been feeling gloomy lately- getting mired in all that is not quite right in the bigger picture of my life. Last night I picked up my camera and challenged myself to seek out what was lovely and tangible in the here and now. I narrowed my focus and found the little things that made me happy- and I've found a better way to begin the week at Shock the Bourgeois. Look forward to more glimpses of the Here & Now each Monday! Here's to a new week... and a new mindset.

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Jane Flanagan said...

Yay you! Your business card holder made me choke on my water. So awesome!