Dare to Dream: Hibernation

I'd like to try to express how very much I lovelovelove this concept from Seattle Homes & Lifestyles.


Nope, no words. Let's just let the sumptuous colors and textures envelop us.

Dark without being somber or black, plush without being sloppy. Ahhhh.
Photos Courtesy of Hank Drew, Seattle Homes & Lifestyles

It's probably better I don't have a bedroom this dusky and luxe. I'd draw the curtains, disappear under that purply fur thing, and refuse to emerge until Spring (or at least until 10:00 in the morning).

Beautifully done, Seattle Homes- better still because the delicious components of this spread were plucked from the shelves of my favorite local stores. For all of you East-Coasters or East-Side-of-the-Staters, check out the Seattle Homes website and blog. Enjoy, and wonder why don't live here.

Please tell me there's a magazine like this in San Francisco!

1 Have Spoken.:

Jane Flanagan said...

I would never come out either! Completely enveloping.