Tablescaping for a Tea Party

We modern girls are so accustomed to gulping down our caffeine on the go, out of a paper cup, no less!

Wouldn't a tea party be a luxurious change of pace? 

My great-grandma's good china is fussy (and fragile!) so I cobbled together a more casual tea service out of eclectic white ceramics. A flea market tin offers tasty hamentaschen and Adam's vintage toy milk truck is loaded up with condiments with for a witty way to pass the cream. 

It isn't terribly difficult to find an excuse to sip Earl Grey and savor conversation. Book club? Client meeting? Set the table with pretty paper placemats and a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils for jotting down notes. Keep the water hot and the refreshments at hand, and linger over good ideas.

Do you have an occasion that needs some tablescaping inspiration? Email me at shockthebourgeois@mac.com!

4 Have Spoken.:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, delicate photography!

Jackie said...

Gorgeous photos! Now hosting a tea party is on my to-do list!

andrea despot said...

we should totally have a tea party when i make it out to sf! they aren't teacups, but we could incorporate these gorgeous glasses my sister gave me for my birthday (super girly "activities" might be in order since i'll have two, possible three, guy roommates!):




ps. i'm so sorry, i promise i haven't forgotten to respond to your email! i sort of took an unexpected semi-hiatus from the internet and i'm now struggling to catch up on blogging, email and such. i WILL email you back this weekend!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you all!

Andrea... I've always thought those glasses were lovely! You can count on me for some girl time :D