Find: Silvered Demitasse Set

Behold, my prize from this weekend's Alameda Flea Market venture: a set of porcelain demitasse cups with a distinctive mirrored finish. I use the word "set" rather loosely, as you must with nearly any lot acquired at the flea market. There are six flawless saucers, five cups (three mint, one chipped, one woefully cracked). Not perfect, but quite enchanting.

I imagine that this set was designed to replicate the look of far more costly silver demitasse cups (like these), and the peaked handle suggests Art Deco origins. A mark attributes them to a German company in Czechoslovakia (which I suppose means they were made between 1918 and 1993), but I'm unable to find any documentation of the mark itself. Very mysterious. Where are those Antiques Roadshow appraisers when you need them?

Regardless of their worth, they're a brilliant addition to my collection of coffee and tea pieces. They'll shine like treasures in my china cabinet... though they would surely glamorize my morning espresso habit!

2 Have Spoken.:

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Geeyaaaw....(that would be my mouth agape, chin hitting hard ground).
Stunning, priceless in their beauty, delicate, strong, serving their function perfectly.
Congrats, Alcira


jessi said...

i love the collection of materials and colors you have collected, especially in the last photo: the reflective silver, white porcelain, matte black teapot, yellow tin, and that gorgeous (what metal is that?) spoon ! what a beautiful combination :)