The WarLock Registry: Setting the Table

Monday's post on my new Art Deco demitasse cups drew a very complimentary response from reader Jessi, who enjoyed the combination of colors and materials represented in my tea and coffee collection. Thank you- I'm thrilled that you noticed!

Variety makes for the most magnificent tablescapes, don't you think? It's been quite a treat to craft our wedding registry with this in mind. Here's how I'd like to outfit my china cabinet...

Our selections are more textural than colorful, juxtaposing white ceramic basics with muted metallics and fanciful forms. It's a versatile setting that will allow my collections of ruby depression glass and vintage goldware to shine- but our culinary creations will always be the center of attention. We'll prepare and serve countless meals on these dishes as a married couple... and a lifetime of cooking with Adam is the happiest thought!

2 Have Spoken.:

andrea despot said...

i love those claw candlesticks!

Maggie Rose said...

So sweet! Those are the dinner plates that we have and I love them - they go with everything. Fully intend on registering (someday...) to have a full set. I love the napkins - the whole setting is very YOU (and Adam!).