Some Girl Time

This post and its comments vanished during Blogger's technical difficulties- I'm reposting as much as I can recall. A good reminder to all of us to back-up our work!

If you were wondering about the conspicuous lack of Mother's Day well-wishes on the blog, never fear: I was delivering them in person! I flew up to Seattle for a girls' weekend with my gorgeous mom herself...

We drove down to Portland for a baby shower (congratulations Samantha & John!) and some quality time with my Uncle Craig (who's officiating my wedding!), my Aunt Amanda, and their boys, my littlest (and thereby current favorite) cousins. I even got to raise a glass with my lovely bridesmaid Kalin, the witty voice behind I'm an Eating Machine

Of course, no girls' weekend would be complete without a shopping excursion... or without doxie gals Ella and Paige. I think Miss Paige enjoys hunting for pretty things just as much as I do! 

It might have been an impromptu visit, but it certainly was a productive one. We managed to whittle down the wedding checklist: shoes, ribbons, trimmings, Mom's dress (stunning, by the way), and decor, just about done! I also made a major decision about our invitations. Hope you liked my save-the-date cards, because I'm designing a whole suite!

What a wonderful trip- I miss you already, Mom!

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andrea despot said...

your mom looks a lot like my mom! at least from that angle. my mom has similar glasses and basically the exact same hairstyle and hair color (except my mom has some grey).

andrea despot said...

wasn't that annoying? i'd saved a rather long post and had to find all the pictures and sources again. i think i got it right but i still feel like i'm missing something... oh well :/