Dare to Dream: Starting with Finishes

Back home in Seattle I worked for a contractor, and I was responsible for organizing their resource library. This was a task that required a lot of restraint for someone prone to flights of decor fancy. Those shelves held a wealth of inspiration. One peek into a Flor catalogue or the discovery of some exquisite limed oak plank... the next thing I knew I'd be drawing up imaginary floor plans on my lunch hour.

Design catalogues are a pleasure spiked with pain for a girl who rents!

The Walker Zanger tile catalogue provides quite a sumptuous distraction. Adventurous patterns and patinated shades of greige are things I dare-to-dream about...

Happy weekend, friends.


3 Have Spoken.:

Maggie said...

Those final tiles blow me away. Just stunning!

Maggie Rose said...

The iridescent (metal?) moorish tiles are AMAZING. I feel ya on renting woes! Where are those ones from?

Elizabeth said...

Maggie Rose... Aren't they? They're all from Walker Zanger (be warned, you could spend hours immersed in their catalogue!).