Spring Greens

Spring in Berkeley has a color palette all its own. Soft gray and white clouds (with teasing glimpses of clear blue), and an incredibly verdant landscape. I've been keeping Rappaccini's Garden lush with shades of green to match.

Floral arrangement & photograph by The Cottage Farm, all others by Shock the Bourgeois

I've got lovely new pieces to add to the shop, and I wish I could style them with Krissy's wickedly romantic bouquet! Such an inspired combination of petals and prickles, I absolutely gasped when I saw it. 

Off to explore my blooming neighborhood...



2 Have Spoken.:

Diane aka your Mom said...

Beautiful photo montage featuring one of my favorite colors!

PS - I read your tweets and wanted to make a correction: I don't swear like a sailor ... I'm from Idaho, I swear like a redneck cowboy!

Elizabeth said...

Diane aka my Mom... Point taken! :D