Dare to Dream: All the Trimmings

Each time I wrap up a present or a package for the shop, I reach into my box of wadded ribbons with a sigh. Wouldn't it be nice to have spools and spools of vintage trimmings... and an equally splendid way to display them?

This wall of rainbow ribbons at Nancy's Sewing Basket is set up for easy clipping on rows of copper half-round gutter. Martha, of course, had the same idea.

Someday, maybe, a craft room. Or damn, at least a bigger closet!

2 Have Spoken.:

Mary said...

That top picture is awesome; I love things that come in multiple colors! I would buy all that ribbon just to have the wall of color it would create. Definitely dream worthy.

Sierra said...

I obviously don't think about decorating a billionth as much as you do, but when I do I dream of walls of ribbons. Love it!