About Time for Summer

Here in the Bay we've got flip-flopping weather, but not flip-flop weather. Get it together, June, it's about time for a bright pedicure and new sandals to show it off!

Photograph via PinterestDolce Vita Dress from Ruche via Pinterest, Whitney Smith Pottery photographed by StB, Essie Nail Polish in Super Bossa Nova, Seychelles Chirp Sandals from Piperlime

You know the weather is rotten when even I, the black turtleneck devotee, am craving pastels and pink. Is it raining where you are too?

2 Have Spoken.:

andrea despot said...

i keep track of sean's (my fiancé) weather in sf on my computer and i've noticed that while it's been consistently in the 90s here in southern virginia, san francisco has been stuck around the 60s! i hope it gets warmer for you guys!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, it's been in the miserable 60s for DAYS now... getting so tired of this gloomy weather!