Weekend Reading

I decided to take a little break from beading last night to attend the Creative, Inc. book launch party at Candystore Collective in San Francisco and see these lovely ladies in person...

I was so in awe of Joy's presence that I got totally tongue-tied. All I could squeak out was, "uh uh uh... I love your shoes!" In my defense, they were some pretty rockin' shoes.

Aside from this moment of conversational brilliance, I had a fantastic time- eating more than my share of tiny cupcakes and making connections with Bay Area artists and bloggers (like Natalie, whose blog I'll be relying on for fashion guidance from now on). I distributed the last of my beribboned handmade business cards, which were looking oh-so professional after being crumpled in my purse. Thank goodness I picked up a signed copy of Creative, Inc.- I clearly need all the help I can get.

Speaking of freelance business, I'm off to the post office to mail the very first orders from Rappaccini's Garden. I'm over the moon, kids- it's been a happy week. 

Until Monday,

xoxo Elizabeth

2 Have Spoken.:

Empress said...

Huzzah, I'm very much looking forward to receiving those gorgeous Poison Pod earrings and glad I could be your first sale. I love reading your blog and trawling the archives for design inspiration!

Elizabeth said...

Empress... They're in the mail! I hope you love them- I could only get my hands on three of those green beads, so they're something special. You'll have to give me a review of my packaging- I'm experimenting with a few options!