Happy Long Weekend!

I hope you all have exciting plans for Labor Day weekend! As for me, I'll be beading and typing as fast as my little fingers will allow- because there's only a few more days until I open the gates to Rappaccini's Garden on Etsy!

This photo from Vogue makes me think of Beatrice in the garden... quite the specimen, no?

I'll be listing items all day on Monday, so I'll have a full shop ready by the time you all get back from your vacationing! 

Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement of my new project. As a token of gratitude, my lovely online friends can receive a special discount on purchases at Rappaccini's Garden during my grand-opening month. I'll give you the scoop on Tuesday!

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Ann said...

Whoo! I can't wait for your store to open! Your aesthetic is so very beautiful.