Summer-Fall Shift

In only a week I'll be visiting my family in Seattle. My mother informs me (with a grumble) that I should pack my raincoat. I'm actually looking forward to true Autumn weather!

I've discovered pluots this week, and it occurs to me that they're the perfect symbol for the Bay Area September, a Summer-Fall hybrid. Super ripe, deeply sweet, exactly the color of dappled red leaves. 

Thank you for your wonderful comments on my dining room! I'll be taking advantage of the lovely filtered sunlight this weekend so I can give you more images of my home next week...

Until then,

xoxo Elizabeth

2 Have Spoken.:

Ann said...

In Monterey, I bought the most exquisite pluots at a farmer's market. I seriously almost cried they were so good. The ones you can buy around here are like most of Spokanian fruit: a little underwhelming unless you are really, really craving it (except Green Bluff stuff, obviously).

Jessica said...

I've never had a pluot before - and after reading more about them on Wiki - I need to scout one out.

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