Darkly Romantic

As I prepare for my grand opening I've been utterly immersed in the haunting and beautiful garden of Dr. Rappaccini. Perhaps that explains my obsession with vibrant flowers against inky black...

There's something transformative about the combination. 

Modern interiors get moody.
Home of Abigail Turin & Jon Gans Photographed by David Duncan Livingston, Scanned by Shock the Bourgeois

Pale peonies show a sultry side.
Photograph by Bonnie Tsang via Snippet & Ink, Floral Design by Flowerwild

And even the simplest dresses seem to mimic works of art.
Never a Wallflower Dress from ModCloth, Still Life Painting by Antoine Berjon

Oh, so romantic! Makes me want to transform myself- maybe with a box of black hair dye and one of these.

4 Have Spoken.:

nkp said...

Those flower arrangements are breathtaking, especially the one with the peonies! And don't even get me started on that incredible black living room...WOW!

I wrote a similar post some time ago, I think you would like it...here's the link:


Sierra said...

Oooh the floral hair pieces are gorgeous, do you know of anything similar in a more funemployed-friendly price range? I want a party now...

Elizabeth said...

Nelya... Love the modern take on the theme! Thanks for the link :)

Sierra... I wish! The Heart line by ban.dõ is all under $50, but is definitely more cute than couture. There are many Etsy sellers doing similar work, so I think it's a matter of sifting through the good and bad! (Side note: I vote for a cocktail party.)

Display Home Melbourne said...

I love the modern interior in that photo. It is very cozy yet modern.