Inspiration: Less is More

I don't get the "less is more" thing. Don't play your word games with me- more is more, and we both know it. Modernist aesthetic and recession be damned, give me more.

And yet... I love this.
It's less, it's more, it's the destruction of my design philosophy.

This home in my neighborhood fascinates me. The ultra simple barn structure in matte charcoal gray... the row of square windows with brick-red trim... the no-nonsense concrete wall paired with the bare picket fence... and of course, the mounds of lavender.

It's tradition reduced to its most basic, graphic forms.

Just a perfect, harmonious chord.

What I wouldn't give for more information... or a look inside this house!

2 Have Spoken.:

Ann said...

Sooooo... this week has been exciting.

We made an offer, had our offer accepted and have signed the paperwork to buy this house.

It's seriously the most beautiful thing on the planet... and I have to show someone, because I'm absolutely head-over-heels. And out of anyone I know, you might appreciate its awesomeness the most.

Hoo boy. I am terrified. I am in joy. Eeek!

ShockTheBourgeois said...

Ann- I have one word for you: "eeeeeeeeeeee!" I'm both excited and jealous. How thrilling!

I can't wait to see more pictures, and see how you tackle the decor!!!