Found for You: Silver Demitasse Set

A metallic trend this season means that blogs, shops, and homes are all a-glitter for the holidays. Shiny objects are an eye-catching way to impress your guests. I plan on using my collection of silvery vintage demitasse cups to serve a few sips of something hot and chocolatey.

I've never been able to find much information about my unusual set- but that doesn't mean you can't get the look for your own home.

This set has a curved handle instead of angular, but it still has all the gleam of the antique. The cups are sold with spoons and a mirrored tray, making it easy to create a glamorous vignette or a reflective tablescape (like this one I put together for Maggie Rose). Certainly a chic spin on Christmas decorating!

1 Have Spoken.:

Maggie Rose said...

Love those (the handles on yours are so unique!). Add a little Baileys to some cocoa... Mmmmm!