Christmas Shopping: Ideal Bookshelf

Love it when I find something special in my inbox- like a giftable print debuting at 20x200.

Your English major friend will grin and remember the hair-away-from-brilliant A- paper she wrote on Wuthering Heights. The former bookseller whose living room looks like a library will approve of the selection (even if the lack of alphabetization irks her). The graphic design fanatic will giddily recognize the beautiful covers of new Penguin Classic editions by Coralie Bickford-Smith

I, being all of the above, will add this to my wish list!

Whomever you're buying for, a $20 limited edition 8x10 (signed by the artist) makes for an affordable and sentimental gift. Better yet, West Elm's collection of frames (sized to perfectly showcase 20x200 artwork) is on SALE. Merry Christmas indeed.

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