Dare to Dream: Vintage Pencil Necklace

I don't know where my brain is at these days, but one thing is for sure: if I want to remember something, I need to jot it down. So I made a note of this gracefully utilitarian necklace from Anthro... 

Vintage Pencil Necklace, French Quartz from Anthropologie

I've got quite the to-do list written up for this weekend. Christmas gifts to wrap, a holiday party to attend, festive decor to photograph for a blog post next week. I have so much to share with you- experiences, projects, recipes, ideas- hence the pencil.



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4 Have Spoken.:

jessi said...

oh wow, it's soo pretty ! i waaaant it :O *sigh*

Laurie Brown said...

what I want to know is where to get leads for that pencil- and how to replace them! I have one of those pencils and it's just a bauble- I want to use it!

Jen said...

Very Joan from Mad Men. I want one, too! 1928 makes a gold one that is a pen rather than a pencil.

Elizabeth said...

Laurie... That is a great question! Do you wear yours on a necklace?

Jen... Joan indeed- just wait 'til you see the outfit I've got cooked up for a style post on Wednesday!