The Pantone Color of the Year

Chronicle Books put the words "Pinterest" and "contest" in the same sentence, and I was in. But a whole board of this saturated orange? That's a challenge. I thought, "Okay, 17-1463, let's dance."

It's an enigmatic shade, flickering between mellow orange and vivid coral every time you blink. I tried to envision myself actually wearing this color, and using it in my home. My taste, only brighter. Ruffles, curls, herringbone, skulls. Sassy, but optimistic. A few pins later, and Tangerine Tango didn't seem so far-fetched anymore...

Find these images (and many more) on my Tangerine Tango board on Pinterest.

Tangerine Tango could well be my New Year's resolution for 2012. How do you feel about the Color of the Year?

Speaking of contests, I've got a little something in the works for you readers this Wednesday...

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