Valentine's Day

Exactly one year ago I moved to California, driving over 900 miles to close the distance between Adam and I. Poor Adam endured 15 hours on the road with a carsick cat, then several months with a homesick girl.  It was a grand gesture of love.

We've got nothing planned tonight save a truly romantic date at the laundromat, but I'm grateful for it. Love is so rarely presented in pink and red trappings. Once in a while it appears with a diamond and a question you can answer with exhilarated certainty. Other times it's terrifying, asking more of you than you can imagine giving. Most often though, it shows up in the simple act of pairing someone else's socks.

So for me, this day requires little fuss. I'm reflecting on all of the better and worse we've experienced already, and on how very excited I am to say my vows in October.

Card by Paula Skene Designs

Happy Valentine's Day!



2 Have Spoken.:

Maggie Rose said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Hopefully by this time next year you'll be back in Seattle (it is STORMY today!)

andrea despot said...

that's incredibly sweet and poignantly written :) happy valentine's day, elizabeth!