A Thread of Color

Something about my apartment is off-kilter. It's all flourish and no structure, as if somewhere in the decorating process I got off on a whimsical tangent and let things get too precious. Have I lost my edge? What a terrifying thought!

Instead of overreacting and doing something rash with black spray paint, I decided it was time to reassess my aesthetic. It's easy to see the common thread in my inspiration images: a neutral background, a mix of fanciful and modern, and a single note of color.

Molly Sims' Kitchen, Source Unknown
Image Source Unknown

What a relief to know that the cure for my design angst may just be a trip to Ikea and some selective editing. This weekend I'm going to pare down to the basics and rethink my palette. What color should I weave in with my neutrals?

PS: Don't the backs of those wooden chairs make you think of scrolling banners? Love them.

3 Have Spoken.:

Empress said...

Not knowing you personally, and just going off of your recent blog posts, the indigo you featured was sublime! I'm very biased, since it's my favorite color, but it seemed to strike a chord with you too. Can't wait to see what direction you go!

Maggie Rose said...

I like the idea of the lavender, but maybe it's because it goes so well with the blog background! Sage green would also be pretty.

Jen said...

I have the same problem; focusing on charming tablescapes leads to a series of charming but incoherent tableaux. Plum and mustard in small doses would be beautiful against your dark furniture. Perhaps bring these colors in with fresh flowers, a small round pillow in plum silk, and a mustard-gold tassel somewhere?