Saturated in Blue

Last week I left the house with $5.00 in my pocket and the intention of treating myself to something caffeinated and sweet. I got as far as the flower stand, forgot all about Peet's, and came home with a bundle of vibrant blue anemones. The color woke me up in a way that coffee never could!

Indigo is an approachable bright for the color shy (like me!). With a neutral ground, a spark of brilliant blue instantly brightens- and that's just what my living room needs. My limited palette of black and white, soft greige and natural green was peaceful in the Winter months, but looks dull in the Spring light. As these rooms show, all it takes is a touch of blue to recharge and revive.

Image Source Unknown, Solar Stamp Knob from Anthropologie
Sara Ruffin Costello's Dining Room from Domino, via Design*Sponge

A little shock could bring my decor back to life- a stack of blue books, a new pillow, a collection cobalt glass, certainly another cluster of anemones! While I hesitate to drape my apartment in blue, I'm certainly bold enough to rock a blue frock...

Blue Dress, Paris by The Sartorialist
Detail from Marimekko Samovaari Surf Bedding Collection at Crate &Barrel

What colors are you craving this season?

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Jane Flanagan said...


Erica said...

Just discovered your little corner of the blog via nero chronicles. Those anemones are gorgeous. It's amazing the feeling, that something living yet so small and delicate, can bring to a space. Anyways, I'm your newest follower. :)


Erica said...

ooops meant to say your little corner of the blog world.... you get my point right? :)

Elizabeth said...

Jane... Thank you!

Erica... I always try to have fresh flowers in my apartment, they're my natural mood-enhancer :D So glad you've found me!

denise, the prime magpie said...

This shot of indigo blue was just what I needed. Love the saturation, especially that dress! I need a kickstart to get some inspiration and color definitely revives the spirit!

Daniella said...

Oh my gosh! They look great in blue!