Bright Things for a Gray Day

It's a lucky thing that I've got such an affection for dim, rainy days- because Berkeley has treated me to three in a row. I love an excuse to wear galoshes, or to snuggle up with a cat and listen to the rain. Of course, washed in all of this gray light, my neutral decor and wardrobe could look awfully cheerless. When the weather is somber, I seek out happy counterpoints: my ruffly chartreuse trench coat, peachy lipgloss, pastel ranunculus.

Just as the rain will bring a green crop of clover to my little yard, all of my time spent indoors will bring fresh flowers to my neglected etsy shop! In the meantime, it's time to make room for new blooms at Rappaccini's Garden. I think that this Hot House Specimen ought to be gracing someone's pretty neck this Spring, so I've marked it down by over 20%... isn't that bright news on a gray day?

Happy Friday!

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Laurie Brown said...

What beautiful colors! While I love deep, saturated colors, the pastel combos like the ranunculus just draw me hopelessly to them. And I love those beads with the green and peach! I would have never thought of that combo in a bead.