How We Turned Things Around for Halloween

As I pouted on Friday, our Halloween Party got axed when the attendees dwindled. To add insult to injury, my Tildy-Pumpkin's face caved in. The perfect Halloween that I had envisioned was literally crumbling- and so was I!

I'm getting to know myself fairly well. I'm a perfectionist. I like to plan. I'm not always graceful about disappointment. I'm also realizing that "perfect or not at all" isn't the best philosophy for happiness. 

So this is how we turned things around for Halloween.

First, I literally turned our pumpkin around.

Then, Adam coerced/guilted/bribed/bullied a handful of coworkers into coming over for drinks and snacks on Friday after work. In the hour before our guests arrived we whipped up some guacamole, corn salsa, goat cheese bruschetta, a batch of salty-spicy-sweet toasted pumpkin seeds, and a cinnamon apple crumble. We lit some candles, and we had a party. Was it the costume party I'd imagined? No. Did my guests stand around and talk about science, thereby boring me to death? Kinda, yes.
But we had a good time (and my guacamole was really tasty).

For the rest of the weekend we were without any plans, so we donned our costumes, took the Bart to San Francisco, and found ourselves in the midst of a Giants/Halloween celebration. Plenty of orange and black, many beards to fear, blaring horns, dozens of Mario + Luigi pairings, and what we hope was just a pipe bomb. California knows how to party!

Adam's costume was indiscriminately creepy. Vampire? Werewolf? Zombie? Miscellaneous undead creature? It was open for interpretation, and judging by how few people dared to look him in the eye, it was a success.
 I went as a Mad Men-inspired secretarial type.

All in all, a good Halloween! How was yours?

6 Have Spoken.:

andrea said...

i love the "shadow" the pumpkin cast on the wall! way to literally turn something around and make it so much more creative :)

i love the costumes; you're gorgeous!

by the way, i found your blog via "ill seen, ill said"!

Maggie Rose said...

Gorgeous! You make a lovely Mad Men Inspired Character :) And Adam looks super creepy!

I was so sad for you when your party was cancelled (would have hopped a plane if we could have!). I don't deal with disappointment well either so I can imagine how bummed you were! In fact, I refuse to even TRY to do anything for my birthday next year. Depressing. Glad it all turned out ok in the end... that guac DOES look good ;)

denise, the prime magpie said...

ooh, you look absolutely beautiful! And ha - your Mister looks positively frightful! Did he use that look when handing out candy to the kids? Gold star if he did. :P

Elizabeth said...

Andrea... Welcome to StB and thank you for your sweet comment!

Maggie... Thanks :) I had a fairly major hissy fit when the party was cancelled, but I really do love Halloween so I knew we'd have to work out an alternate plan. Wish we could've beamed you down here!

Denise... Adam does that look disturbingly well, no? Unfortunately we didn't have a single trick-or-treater! We seem to pick apartments with hidden entrances, and I miss out on all the cute kiddie costumes- boo!

Anonymous said...

Pretty good Rasputin!

Elizabeth said...

Rasputin, ha! I like that interpretation the best!