Beautiful Bounty in Edmonds, WA

Here's a special Christmas shopping word to the wise for my Western Washington readers: try downtown Edmonds for nostalgia, twinkle-lights, and one of my new favorite shops.

Bountiful Home resides in a little old house just off of Main Street. If you pass through its arbor and down the garden path, you'll find yourself on a welcoming porch arrayed with potted plants and rusty finds. Once inside you'll understand how Bountiful Home gets its name. Special things sparkle all around.

The shop is an homage to all things old-fashioned and lovely, from vintage glass bottles and snail-mail stationery down to the creaking floorboards. Forget about just wanting to buy something- you'll want to move in.

Definitely the place to go for romantic holiday trimmings and memorable hand-picked gifts!

2 Have Spoken.:

Ann said...

On any of your sojourns to Spokane, did you have a chance to stop into Atticus? If not, I will take you next time you are in town. It's not quite this fabulous, but it's much fun.

Bountiful Home said...

Hi Elizabeth, Your mother was in today and prompted my visit to your blog.... BEAUTIFUL! I am honored. Such thoughtful pictures and text. Wish you were closer so you could help me with my little blog. Congrats on your engagement, Best, Todd Bountiful Home and Nursery