Gearing Up for the Holidays?

It's November, and time to set things in motion for the holiday season. This year I'm scouting for gifts that are memorable and shippable/carry-on-able, since we're not yet sure where we'll be at Christmastime!

Industrial chic always seems to come in a rusty, half-ton, impossible to gift-wrap package. Not so with these gear candleholders (CB2, $6.95 each). 

They're well priced, unisex, and best of all, a scalable gift: present just one to a holiday party host, or give seven to your best friend as a statement piece for their enviable loft apartment. These are a little modern art, a little steampunk, and heck, so universally appealing (I mean, who doesn't like tea lights?) that I'm tempted to buy 10 to have just in case.

Speaking of universally appealing, have you all seen Ez's new Gifted Magazine at Creature Comforts?

It's amazing. Read it, unless you're a member of my immediate family. In that case, don't peek, or you'll likely spoil the surprise for your present this year. Seriously, it's that good- I am stealing every idea.

Anyone else getting a head start on their holiday shopping?

4 Have Spoken.:

andrea said...

those tea lights really are great!

i'm TRYING to get a head start on my shopping but no one will give me their list ideas! usually my dad is the hardest to find and he's the only one i bought for already...

Elizabeth said...

Andrea... Glad you like them- they really caught my eye! My family is small (and also fairly easy to buy for) but my boyfriend has 5 siblings and many more relations besides! Luckily everyone just draws a name for an exchange- otherwise I'd be losing my mind already!

Maggie Rose said...

I also loved "Gifted" - I think it has one of the best gift guides I've seen. And I'm planning to steal almost all of the giftwrapping ideas. I could totally see those tealights in an awesome loft (or a certain Berkley apartment?)

Elizabeth said...

Maggie... I swear, I'm not shopping for myself! :)