Ferd the Bird

The blog may be quiet this week, but my apartment is certainly not! Adam and I are hosting a Thanksgiving feast, and the preparations have definitely thrown my OCD switch. Totally normal to rearrange your bedroom furniture in expectation of dinner guests, right?

We finished our grocery shopping this week, and Adam and I spent more time interacting with potential turkeys than we did with potential new kittens (Phineas was an easy choice, obviously). After a lot of weighing and examining, we chose a hefty young bird, toted him home, and named him Ferdinand. I'm training him to be delicious.

Ferdinand is being brined, so I keep peeking to see how he's enjoying his salty apple cider bath. Every time I take the lid off our pets appear, eagerly sniffing.

Isn't that the most gloriously full refrigerator you've ever seen? 
The cats agree. "If we pull this off, we'll eat like kings!"
Tildy the Cat is dying to get her paws on Ferd the Bird.
LOL. "I can haz Tanksgivins?"

Okay, back to work. Pies to bake, cranberry sauce to make, a linen closet to reorganize (hey, it's possible that someone might look!). 

3 Have Spoken.:

Barbara said...

OMG, that bird looks hysterical upside down in that pot!!

Kitties look verrrrrry interested!

Elizabeth said...

Barbara... He was posed specially for the picture. At first we had his wings hooked over the sides, and I almost died laughing!

andrea despot said...

LOL! you're cats really do like they're conspiring!

and yes, that is one AWESOME full refrigerator!