Dare to Dream: A Better Light

When I'm grumbling about my apartment, one of my favorite topics is lighting. Our space came with ceiling lights that our landlord must have found on deep discount in 1989. They've got shiny yellow-gold  trim and a glass bowls that are impossible to remove, but always filled with dead bugs (seriously, how do they get in there?). They're really not doing much for my complexion either.

I'd like to imagine that everything would take on a more glamorous aspect under the glow and sparkle of a chandelier. Our large television would become a miniature theatre, I'd start calling my living room my "salon," and late morning coffee in my robe and slippers would clearly be more aristocratic than unemployed, right?

These unusual chandeliers are among my favorites at Lucca Great Finds in Seattle. They're on my wish list (along with the extra foot of ceiling height I'd need to make them feasible in our apartment...).

2 Have Spoken.:

Barbara said...

And someone else's money to pay for them!!

Elizabeth said...

Barbara... Ha! I can't believe I omitted that!